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Working together to develop and strengthen connections within oneself, families, and school communities

What We Offer


CPS / Collaborative & Proactive Solutions

Partnering with families and schools to use a new “lense” to help understand and collaboratively problem solve with children who are behaviourally challenging



& Coaching

Whole-heartedly supporting children, teens, young people and parents who are struggling with challenges and change, and supporting them as they navigate solutions

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Expanding Mindsets
& Skill 

Educating individuals, small groups and schools about the mind-body connection, and engaging in practical exercises to develop and strengthen noticing (tuning in) skills

What We Offer - Summary

About Lindy Freedman

Founder, Psychologist, CPS Trainer
& CPS Certified Provider 

Lindy Freedman's experience spans clinical to corporate roles in the areas of assessment, psycho-educational training programs, workforce capacity building, and research and evaluation. 

Lindy works within strengths-based and neuro-divergent affirming frameworks, being responsive to the individual differences of clients. She has in-depth understanding and experience in mental health recovery and has worked in a variety of industries, including infant mental health and attachment, and drug and alcohol recovery for a major Australian non-profit.

She has completed Dr. Greene's Certification Provider Training in Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS). Since May 2023, Lindy is also a CPS Trainer, allowing her to assist Lives in the Balance to train those undertaking CPS Pre-Certification, as well as to implement CPS in health districts and schools.

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The Connectfully approach is about:




We offer understanding

and kindness 

We are open-minded

and interested

We are guided by research evidence and best practice




We seek out information, coordinate and consult

We engage in experiential and unique methods

We only recommend interventions that meet the needs of our clients

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